Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maybe it isn't FPIES after all....

I'm in a weird place these days.  It's like all of a sudden I am doubting everything that has happened the last year.  We are in such a good place with Cutie Pie's FPIES that it is making me think that maybe, just maybe, it has all been a coincidence.  Is that possible?  Maybe all that baby spit-up was actually just spit-up.  Maybe those puking episodes were just a fluke.  Maybe all that night waking/crying was just from teething.  Maybe I'm just crazy and have been stressing myself out and dragging CutiePie around to doctor appointments and slapping food out of her hands and pulling pieces of crackers out of her mouth for nothing.  Maybe she really is just a "normal" baby.  Maybe.  Or maybe we just are managing it well right now.  Either way, I am happy to be in a good place.  CutiePie is sleeping all night in her own bed as long as she has two paci's and her pink kitty blanket.  She is gaining weight now that she is getting her breastmilk bottles fortified with formula (according to our scale at home she has gained 1/2 a pound in the last month!).  She is even starting to eat some real foods.  Not much, but definitely better than a couple months ago!  Today for lunch she ate some shredded cheese, a couple bites of chicken lunch meat, and a couple bites of fresh peaches.  For her, that's a feast!

This week we started a wheat trial - scary stuff, but like I said, I'm in a comfortable brave place right now!  CutiePie doesn't have a good track record with grains, but I wanted to make sure I did a wheat trial before I wean her off my milk.  Right now we are on day 3, and so far so good.  We've been using Matzo crackers to trial it (only ingredients are organic wheat flour and water.  Have I mentioned how much I love Jewish foods?!!?).  I'm not sure she's really eaten enough to get a good enough feel to call it a pass yet - and it's only been three days, so there is still plenty of time to fail.  But she's still sleeping, still having normal diapers, still not crying/screaming in pain, so I'm thinking we are headed in a good direction!  I have visions of giving her pancakes topped with real butter.  Cheese and crackers.  Bread.  I feel like if she does pass wheat she will be able to have a "normal" looking diet.  Even more normal than big brother's diet was like at her age (he was allergic to eggs, milk, and peanuts).

Now if I could just get her to EAT those normal foods, we'd be in business!!

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  1. Or maybe things are just getting better. I don't doubt you for a second. But I am very glad that she is able to eat so many things now!