Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adios Anemia!

Cutie Pie had her 18 month check up yesterday.  I always feel a huge amount of anxiety when we are headed to the doctor for her well-checks.  Has she gained any/enough weight?  How low will her hemoglobin levels be this time?  Will the doctor take my concerns seriously?  Is she going to catch a bug from the other sick kids in the office that will derail our progress?  All morning yesterday I was reminding myself to slow my breathing and CALM DOWN.  Luckily our appointment was the first one of the day so I didn't have to spend all day thinking about it AND there was a lower chance of sick kids sitting around germ-ing up the doctor's office before we got there. 

Overall the apointment went pretty well.  Cutie Pie was up to 21.2 pounds according to their scale and was 29 1/2 inches tall.  That put her in the 10th percentile for both weight and height.  The good news is that she has not dropped percentage points in weight and since she is small on both scales she is at least proportional.  The bad news is that her height percentage has dropped from the 25th percentile from last time - not a super big deal, but not the direction we really want her to be going.  Our pediatrician did say that it looked like (hopefully) she has bottomed out at around the 10th percentile and hopefully she will just continue along her own curve - it just happens to be at a lower point on the graph than most kids.  He does want to monitor her growth a little closer than most kids too, so we'll be going back more often for weight checks to make sure she doesn't fall any farther on the chart.

This biggest news of the appointment though is Cutie Pie is no longer anemic!!  Her hemoglobin levels were over 11 this time, which means we are doing something right at least!  So yay!  We just got to keep making progress.  Right now we are kinda stalled and holding off on trying anything new because Cutie Pie is showing off her over achiever traits and is already working on her two year molars!  It's pretty hard to tell the difference between FPIES symptoms and teething symptoms, so nothing new in the food world for her right now.  Plus, she is eating even less than normal the last few days (you would too if you had huge molars ripping through your gums!) so there really is no point. 

Still no word from Cincy Children's about the feeding therapy team though.  It has been TWO MONTHS since our appointment and they still haven't gotten around to processing our referral for OT.  I'm beginning to think that was another pointless avenue we tried to explore.  Useless.  Oh well.  Live and learn. 

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