Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birthday Countdown

Cutie Pie's first birthday is in one month, one week, and one day.  My oh my how time has flown.  Lately I have been obsessing over trialing foods that will provide her with a birthday cake and fun birthday foods because, you know, she REAAAALLLLLY cares.  This week we settled on a sunbutter trial.  We are on day three and so far, so good.  She can't decide if she likes it or not.  On Friday I tried spreading some on her cheecha puffs and it was a no go.  Then I just put some on a plain spoon and let her suck on it and she seemed to like it a little.  Saturday it was a total refusal.  So then today for breakfast I made her a banana/coconut/sunbutter mush and she ate half a bowl!  It was chunky and thick enough that I could put some on a spoon for her and she could then feed herself without it sliding off her spoon.  Sunbutter would be a great pass for us.  It's high in calories, a good source of protein and iron, and let's face it - it is delicious!  Plus, I'm thinking I might be able to fix up some sunbutter frosting to top some muffin/cupcake/cake concoction and it would make a delightful mess for a smash cake!   I am imagining the pictures already.... 

Our goal for this week is to get into a routine of "eating" three meals a day.  I have a bad habit of just giving her a couple puffs or a toy or a sippy cup to play with while we eat because she makes such a mess and eats so little.  But with only a little over a month until she is one it is time to buckle down!  We did pretty good today, and actually she surprised me with how well she ate.  I do, however, think we need to get a dog to clean up the mess she makes!  I swear I spend more time cleaning up after meals than I do preparing them! 

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