Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reverse Iron Chef

I am not a chef.  Sometimes I pretend like I am.  In all honestly I have learned a lot about cooking through the kids' allergy issues, but there are times when I am harshly reminded to not be cavalier in the kitchen.  Today is one of those days. 

Sometime this past week I agreed to a friendly Reverse Iron Chef with a fellow FPIES mommy and blogger.  We had a list of ten foods that we were allowed to use that was given to use by another FPIES mom who was asking for help in finding things for her FPIES kiddo to eat.  The foods were as follows:

1. apples
2.  pears
3.  peaches
4.  milk
5.  chicken
6.  sweet potatoes
7.  green beans
8.  peas
9.  carrots
10. brown sugar

My immediate concern is that five out of the ten foods are ones that are on my banned list so I wouldn't be able to taste them myself.  But I figured I'd let big brother taste them or daddy.  My idea was to put together a day's worth of food with the list.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert.  Since I put off trying to cook anything until today (the day our little contest thing was supposed to end), I only got through the breakfast portion today.  I figured tomorrow I would attempt lunch, Tuesday I would go for dinner, and Wednesday I'd think about desert.  So here is the only thing I could come up with as a successful breakfast:

A smoothie. 

My intention was to make some type of delicious sweet potato hashbrown.  In my mind it would be easy - grate the sweet potato, squeeze out the moisture, and fry it up in some butter.  Didn't work.  First my sweet potato hashbrowns completely stuck to the pan in the first spot.  I added some more butter and then they were WAAAAAY too buttery.  Fail.  Then I thought that maybe I could cook them in the toaster oven like I do Cutie Pie's frozen hasbrowns.  I shredded some more potatoes, squeezed out the liquid, greased the little cookie sheet, used a pastry brush to lightly spread butter on the top of the hasbrowns, and put them in at about 400 degrees.  The toaster oven filled with smoke before they got toasty.  Fail.  Then I thought about a pin I saw on pinterest about cooking hasbrowns in a waffle maker, so I started again.  Brushed some butter on the waffle maker, cooked for 8 minutes.  When I checked on them the outside was crispy looking, but the inside was a soggy mess.  Not very hasbrown-y.  Fail again.  Cutie Pie, big brother, and daddy were getting hungry for dinner at this point so I had to stop making foods no one would eat and focus my attention on dinner foods.

And then I thought about my smoothie.  Who doesn't love a good smoothie?  And with the ingredient list you could make a mean breakfast smoothie full of fruit and protein and calcium.  So here is my smoothie recipe.

Peach, Apple, Yogurt Smoothie
A handful of frozen peaches
A dollop of plain greek yogurt (I like greek yogurt because it has more protein than regular yogurt)
A couple ice cubes
A couple splashes of apple juice

Blend.  If it is too thick, add more apple juice.  If it is too thin, add more ice.  

Easy enough. 

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