Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to the Doctor

We are headed back to the pediatrician's office this afternoon to have Cutie Pie's iron levels rechecked.  I've been concerned about her iron levels for a couple weeks now, so finally today I decided to act like the crazy momma that is hiding somewhere in my soul and insist she be rechecked.   I am not certain she is tolerating the poly-vi-sol supplement she has been getting anymore.  The past few weeks her sleep has gone WAAAY off track and for the last week she has been up for several hours in the middle of the night (which is usually a sign of a reaction for Cutie Pie).  We've also been seeing more mucus in her dirty diapers.  She's done so well with the supplement for almost two months now, but I just don't think it is cutting it and I'm not sure it is doing much for her iron levels either.  Yesterday it was over 100 degrees outside but Cutie Pie's hands and feet felt like ice - a common sign of low iron levels.  I did some more reading last night about symptoms of iron deficiency anemia and several of the things on the list jumped out at me - fatigue (she has been taking 3-4 hour naps twice a day which is totally unlike her), poor appetite, pale skin, brittle nails, etc.  Knowing that her iron levels were already low at her nine month check-up combined with these other things just makes me a worried momma.  And then to top it off one of the other FPIES mommas from the babycenter page just had her kiddos admitted to the hospital because of low iron levels.  It just kinda compounded my worries.   I am hoping we get there and the nurse finds her iron levels to be normal so #1 I can stop worrying, and #2 I can stop giving her the iron drops.  I am already imagining how the conversation with our wonderful pediatrician is going to go:

Dr:  You need to feed her more iron-rich foods.
Me:  Like what?
Dr:  Beef
Me:  She won't eat it.
Dr:  Spinach
Me:  Refuses.
Dr:  Broccoli
Me:  Refuses
Dr:  Quinoa
Me:  FPIES fail
Dr:  Egg yolks
Me:  Refuses

See the pattern?  Cutie Pie survives on avocado, watermelon, potatoes, and a bite or two of chicken here and there.  For real though, I love our pediatrician so I am hoping he is able to give me some insight/suggestions on how to get Cutie Pie to eat a wider variety of foods while we are there.  So wish us luck!

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