Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dairy, Day 1

We've decided to bite the bullet and jump into a dairy trial with Cutie Pie.  Momma is TERRIFIED.  We've been talking about it for a while and the last two weeks I've been trialing dairy in my diet (oh sweet glorious dairy) and it is going great!  Cutie Pie is still sleeping well, playing well, and symptom free!  WOOHOO!

What finally pushed us over the edge to try it with her was our lately pediatrician check-up.  Cutie Pie is at 19lbs 12oz which is only the 30th percentile for weight.  At her four month check-up she was in the 90th percentile.  That is a BIG drop.  And since she isn't doing well eating her real foods, our pediatrician suggested that we try adding a scoop of formula into her bottles of breastmilk to try to up the calories and nutrition she is getting.  Hopefully that would also help with her anemia, so it sounded like a good thing to try.  Instead of just jumping to the elemental formulas, we figured we might as well just try out good ol' milk-based Similac.  I'd much rather spend $25 for a can of formula instead of $80 if we can help it.....

Yesterday we went for it.  At around 4:30 she had 5oz of breastmilk mixed with half a scoop of formula.  She drank the whole bottle, so that is good (at least we know she actually got some to her tummy vs what we encounter when we try to give her solids!!).  Right about two hours later I had a very grumpy girl on my hands.  She was crying, wanting to be held, and just in a bad mood.  But, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no rashes, etc.  After a while she perked back up and was fine the rest of the night.  It could have been so many things that were making her mad, and then she slept for a whopping 12 hours last night (that NEVER happens), so today it is on to a full scoop of formula in one of her bottles.  Eventually we will try to make it up to a scoop in each of her bottles (she gets 5 bottles a day, so 5 total scoop would be the equivalent of about 10ounces of extra formula in her belly, or about 200 calories). 

Our pediatrician also told us that at this point he isn't terribly worried about her having trouble eating and swallowing foods.  Obviously it is an issue because her weight is dropping off, but as far as developmentally he doesn't usually worry until around 15 months.  So when we go back in October we will re-evaluate and then possibly refer her to speech or occupational therapy to help her develop more muscles in her jaw.  Until then we will just keep working hard to get her to eat the few things she can!!

In other news, Cutie Pie is TALKING!  She has her first real, understandable by everyone word.  It is.... drumroll please...... baby.  She crawls around all day saying "Oh baby!"  It is the cutest thing in the world.  She's also developing a form of "look" and "this" except it sounds more like "oook" and "dish".  Forget momma and dadda - we don't even get mama and dada babbles.  Of course, Big brother gets "buddabuddabudda."  ::Sigh::  this girl has a serious case of misguided priorities!

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