Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh Sweet Jewish Goodness

I am not Jewish, but I have developed a deep deep appreciation for kosher foods - especially foods that are kosher for Passover.  One of our local grocery stores, Jungle Jims, has a whole little room dedicated to Jewish foods and Cutie Pie can eat at least half of the things in there.  It is very exciting.  Yesterday we went to wander around in the air conditioned wonderland (who needs a mall when you have a huge specialty grocery store in town?!!?) and they had chocolate coconut macaroons.  The only ingredients were coconut, egg whites, and chocolate.  Okay, so there may have been a couple other things that I didn't know what they were but the canister said 'Kosher for Passover' which means they are free of Cutie Pie's trigger foods.  And to top it off they were on SALE!  Woohoo!  We bought two canisters of cookies and I was so excited to give Cutie Pie a real-life cookie with her dinner.  She ate about half the cookie, so I call it a success.  Big brother ate a cookie two, so they have everyone's seal of approval. 

It got me thinking though, I wonder if I could create a coconut macaroon cake type thing for Cutie Pie's birthday!!  I've been pinning recipes on my FPIES board, and I think it may just happen.  Cutie Pie has had dairy/soy free chocolate chips once or twice before and did okay with it, so we may just risk it and pray for the best instead of spending a whole week trialing chocolate chips.  Plus, I'm not sure I want to confess to our allergist this week that chocolate is our next trial....

Speaking of trials, green beans seem to still be a go.  I'm not giving it an official pass quite yet and Cutie Pie seems to be loosing interest in them, but so far no puking and no more mucusy poops.  Like I said, sometimes she just takes a day or two to adjust to a new food.  Not that I feel that strongly about green beans, but it would be nice to have a green veggie to give her.  I think our next trial will be Salmon.  Another meat would be give a nice variety to her diet, and salmon is one of those super foods that packs a great nutritional punch.  Cutie Pie is working towards having a very distinguished palate.  Coconut macaroon cake, salmon, what's next?   

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