Friday, July 6, 2012

Iron, Doctors, and Green Beans

I never got around to updating about Cutie Pie's doctor visit the other day.  Have you ever had a doctor warn you against diagnosing yourself via google?  They mean it.  It is dangerous.  When I got to the ped's office I brought Cutie Pie in the well-kid side of the waiting room because I didn't want her picking up some strange bug when we were just there to check her iron.  No one seemed to mind.  We got back to the exam room and the nurse checked her weight (19lbs 12oz) and her iron (10.3).  Iron still low-ish, but better than it was at her 9 month check-up.  I was already feeling silly being there at that point.  The doctor came in and we talked about her iron, her symptoms, her eating habits, etc and then he thought while I was there he would check her out and see if anything else could be causing her issues.  Well, turns out she had hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Oops.  Apparently it has been running rampant around town.  She had huge blisters in her throat and on top of that is cutting SIX teeth.  They are most of the way pushed through, but not all the way.  No wonder she has been grumpy and not sleeping and not wanting to eat.   I guess it isn't always an FPIES thing. 

That seemed to calm down, sleeping went back to "normal"  (aka waking up at 2am screaming and spending the rest of the night rolling around in our bed) so we decided to go with another trial.  Since she is headed to the allergist next week we wanted to try something slightly dangerous.  My confidence has been boosted since chicken was okay, and part of me didn't think she would actually eat green beans since they aren't exactly famous for being favorite kid food.  But surprise, surprise, she CHOWED down on them the first time we gave them to her yesterday at dinner.  She was sitting in her highchair sucking on them and chewing them up and the whole time just saying "mmmmmmmmmm."  What can I say, she's a weirdo.  Two hours on the dot she woke up (she had already gone to bed) screaming.  Yikes.  She got back to sleep eventually until about 12:30.  Then she was awake until around 4am just rolling around and making noises and just generally not sleeping - not crying, but not sleeping.  Then she went back to sleep for an hour and got up again around 5am.  She's not a great sleeper, but this was bad even for her.   Then this morning she had a diaper FULL of mucus.  Gross and smelly and yucky.  And another one this afternoon.  And less than 60 minutes of naps all day long.  I am not hopeful for a positive outcome.... However a couple of times she has just needed a few days to adjust to a new food so we are going to push through for another day or two and see what happens.  She chowed down on some again tonight for dinner, so we'll see how this goes tonight!! 

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