Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spoiled Little Cutie

Cutie Pie has been having rough nights lately.  She's been waking up around midnight and then crying/whining/whimpering in my arms until about 2am when she finally relaxes enough to let me put her in the swing (which no longer will actually swing because she is too heavy!) or her car seat.  I have no idea what is causing it.  My wonderful husband thinks she is just spoiled, but to prove him wrong I packed us all up this morning and trekked down to our pediatrician's office.  SURELY my little angel must have an ear infection or something.  I was on a mission to prove him wrong.  Well, it didn't exactly work out so well.  Our pediatrician could find nothing medically wrong with Cutie Pie.  He gave her a thorough check-up without even once making me feel like a loony mom.  He checked her ears, her teeth, her tummy, her breathing, her muscle tone, her scalp, everything.  Then he sat down with me and we talked about her bowel movements (or lack thereof lately!) and discussed strategies to keep her feeling comfortable and regular.  Then we went over her allergy test results in more detail than he gave me over the phone last week when I talked to him.  He even remembered and brought up the journey we had with my older son when he was in the process of being diagnosed with food allergies.

Did I mention that I L-O-V-E our pediatrician?  

I haven't discussed the possibility of FPIES with our pediatrician.  We've talked about allergies and he ordered some blood work to check for some and then referred us to our allergist.  From what I've read FPIES isn't a commonly known syndrome so many doctors are unaware of it.  I didn't feel that it was super important to push the issue with our regular doctor when he would most likely refer us to a specialist for a diagnosis.  I've explained to him Cutie Pie's symptoms and he's always seems intrigued and concerned and I have a sneaky feeling that he has a diagnosis in mind that he doesn't quite want to bring up yet.  It's funny though because the only thing my research has come up with for delayed violent vomiting triggered by rice is FPIES.  Wouldn't that be something if he had knowledge of FPIES already?  Is that being too optimistic? 

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