Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Scream for Ice Cream

I took the kiddos to a local baseball park today for a free game.  It was a beautiful spring day - perfect for wondering around and watching baseball.  An added bonus is that this local baseball organization is sponsored by an ice cream company and there is always free ice cream cones available.  Free.  No cost.  When does that ever happen in real life?  Someone just sitting there in an ice cream truck handing out cold, delicious, creamy, ice cream cones.  With sprinkles.  Or dipped in chocolate.  Big brother got a chocolate cone with rainbow sprinkles.  He ate every last bite while I jealously sat there and watched.  I drooled.  I cursed FPIES in my head, and I vowed to come back to every baseball game next season just so I could eat a free ice cream cone for every one that I will miss this season. That has been my secret weapon against my strict breastfeeding diet these last few months.  Can't have candy at Easter?  Well then I'll just buy a couple bags of Snicker eggs and stash them in the pantry.  They will keep the two boxes of Girl Scout cookies company until I can eat freely.  I can't really store ice cream for that long, but dang it - next year it is ON.  :)

In happy news, this stupid "diet" has really forced me to drop the pounds.  Today I slipped into a new pair of size 10 jeans fresh out of the dryer and they FIT.  Not only did they fit, they were even a little bit on the big side!  I haven't seen a size 10 since before I graduated college.  I wouldn't be surprised if I was down to an 8 by the time Cutie Pie turns one.  Now that would be something to be excited about! 

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