Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today is Mother's Day.  My first Mommies Day with two babies and my first Mommies Day as an FPIES Mom.  It has been a glorious day.  Being a mom is the one thing in my life that I really have felt like I am good at and the only "job" I've had that makes me really happy.  Even with the frustrations and hardships, being a mom rocks. 

This morning we went to church like every other Sunday morning.  I love our church and our pastor - I always leave with a deeper understanding of myself and today was no different.  Today the message was about looking to God for the "Big Picture" in our trials.  About looking beyond what is hard and hurtful now to see what God is trying to teach us or how He is using this episode in our lives to move us into a position where He can use us.  I've felt this way a lot lately about this journey with FPIES.  I know God is trying to teach me something, but I don't think I yet know what that lesson is.  I have met some amazing moms through Babycenter and Facebook FPIES support boards.  I have learned a LOT about food and diet and nutrition.  But I have the sense that God isn't done teaching me yet, so I will sit patiently and work diligently to try to see the big picture through all of this.  I trust God has a purpose, and I know He loves Cutie Pie even more than I do and doesn't want to see her suffer any more than I do. 

In other news, we are backing off of our beef trial.  Cutie Pie won't eat it.  She will put pieces of meat into her mouth and sucks on it, but won't actually chew and swallow it.  I'll keep offering it to her and just hope for the best.  I've got to find something she will actually eat - like put in her mouth, chew, swallow, and repeat.  So far the only food she is happy with is Checha puffs.  We are faaaaaaaar from having a well rounded diet.  So screw nutrition, screw the anemia, screw the lack of protein - this week we are going for watermelon.  As a family we eat a ton of watermelon each summer since it is so good and so cheap.   I just pray she will actually EAT it.  We'll see how it goes I guess....

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