Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cutie Pie's Feast

The past month or so Cutie Pie has been refusing to eat.  It seemed to start with her quinoa fail.  Even after she wasn't showing fail symptoms anymore, she was still refusing to eat food.  When we offered purees she would clench her jaw shut, shake her head, and cry.  If we did manage to get food into her mouth, it was immediately scraped off her tongue with her teeth and spit back out.  Finger foods were immediately thrown on the floor.  Once in a while she would lick or suck on something, or even chew on it but it would always end up back in her lap or on the floor.  We tried more distractions, less distractions, sweet foods, savory foods, bigger pieces, smaller pieces.  Nothing.  What can I say, she is stubborn.  I really think she was simply afraid of food.  I don't really blame her - so much has hurt that little tummy in her short little life!  I'd be afraid to eat too!

But Monday evening something amazing happened - Cutie Pie ATE.  We went to my grandmother's house for dinner and she happened to have a bowl of watermelon slices.  Cutie Pie was reaching for one like it was calling her name, so we figured why not.  We had attempted to trial watermelon and even though she didn't eat a ton we called it a pass.  So I just gave her a whole slice and she ATE IT.  Like, the whole thing.  Just sat in the chair and gnawed on it till it was gone.  She was soaked with juice and grinning like a crazy person.  So I gave her an egg yolk - and she ate a couple bites of that.  Then I gave her a slice of avocado and she ate that too!  I felt like jumping up and down and taking a video of this momentous occasion!  It was like all of a sudden she trusted food to not hurt her again.  The last few days have been super exciting.  I fried her up some potato pancakes (thawed hashbrowns, potato flour, an egg, and a little breastmilk) and she ate it.   This week we are trialing coconut and she has been snacking on the flakes and eating her Cheecha puffs with coconut manna spread on them.  It is almost like having a normal kid - if normal kids ate things like coconut manna. 

In other news, I am down another five pounds.  It is almost scary how fast I am dropping the pounds.  Don't get me wrong, it is nice being down to a weight I haven't seen since college, but it can't be healthy.  I am starting to notice things like my nails are more brittle and my hair is falling out and my skin is paler than usual.  I think I am probably missing some crucial things in my diet, and I am afraid I am setting myself up for some future problems.  Not to mention that there is no way I can keep up this weight loss once I eventually go back to a normal diet.  No way am I keeping this up a day longer than I have to!  I am thinking about going to see a nutritionist so I can make sure I am getting what I need and maybe they would be able to help me get Cutie Pie a balanced diet so she won't still need to drink my milk when I send her off to her first day of school!   Plus, those two boxes of Girl Scout cookies I have stashed away are calling my name pretty loudly these days....  I'd like to be able to eat them before next year's batches are up for sale!!

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