Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Wish I Lived in Canada.

Two days ago in the mail I got a wonderful surprise.  A bill from our local Children's hospital - from the day Cutie Pie was born.  She is almost 10 months old now and I am still getting bills from her birth.  Great.  I called and just told them to add it on to our running tab (I thought it was a funny joke - the lady on the other end did not seem amused).  Then yesterday I got a letter from our insurance company saying they would not cover our chiropractic care expenses since FPIES was not a legitimate reason to go to the chiro.  Treatment is "experimental" and I needed to consult with her doctors on the "appropriate" way to manage her disease.  That pissed me off enough - how dare you tell me what is "appropriate" care for my daughter!  It's not like I was asking them to pay for a witch doctor.  I bet the doctor that reviewed her charts never even heard of FPIES.  Now we are left with another $400 worth of medical bills that has to come out of our pocket.   I'm sad to say that on Monday night when Cutie Pie started her puking I was terrified - not only because she was puking, but I was afraid we would need to take a trip to the ER that we can't afford.  Isn't that sad?  I am worried about my child's medical condition but afraid to seek treatment because it is SO DANG EXPENSIVE.  Something is wrong about this picture!  I don't pretend to know the solution, but sheesh. 

I think I'm going to move to Canada. 

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