Monday, April 30, 2012

Quinoa = Pukey Fail

::sigh::  Another fail. 

I was so proud of myself today.  I tinkered with a recipe I found for quinoa muffins and made some pretty darn edible blueberry muffins for Cutie Pie.  They looked like muffins.  They were tasty.  My three year old ate one.  Cutie Pie was not impressed.  She took one bite, spit it out, gave me a death stare, and threw the rest on the floor.  I chalked it up to being picky and it being a new flavor and texture for her so I mixed some quinoa into her beets and zucchini afterwards - she ate it all up.  Almost two hours on the dot later the puking started (and of course since she had beets for dinner it was all a lovely red/pink color).  She puked five or six times and then it was over.  I cleaned her up, cleaned me up, and sat down.  She puked one more time and then it was like nothing happened.  Once it was all out of her system she was as happy as could be. 

I'm sure it was the quinoa.  At least it is something that is easy to avoid I guess.  Most companies don't seem to hide quinoa in their foods that I  know of.  But this also means another week of no new foods to give her time to rest which means we are just that much more behind in getting her to a normal diet.  :(  And to top that off she hates her iron supplements - wastes at least half a bottle if it has the drops in it so I am afraid that her anemia is going to get worst with no drops and her only high-iron food so far being a fail.  I think we are going to *have* to introduce a meat next and pray #1 that it is a pass and #2 that she will actually eat it.  I really think Cutie Pie thinks she should get to eat nothing but breastmilk and CheeCha puffs all day long!

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  1. I found your blog through your link on you BBC signature and have been reading about your adventures with your daughter's extreme food sensitivities. Bless you, mama! I just wanted to comment that my kiddo is taking polyvisol with iron since he was a preemie. We got to the point that he was wasting bottles with the drops as well and we dreaded giving them to him because he hated them. We decided to try just putting them in a dropper and shotting them as far back in his mouth as possible and he hasn't spit them up once. He is thrilled about the process, but I think he is really just ticked that my husband has to hold his cheeks to get his mouth to open. As soon as he lets go the squirming and fussing ends. I don't know of this method would work for you since our kiddo is quite a bit younger, but it might be worth a shot. You could even try it in the bathtub so if the vitamins come right back up it would be easy cleanup.

    Good luck!