Friday, April 20, 2012

Yay Apples!

This week we decided to trail a fruit.  Our allergist wanted us to run through the green veggies and then orange veggies before moving on to fruit, but I've never really been a good listener.  :)  I've been wanting to move towards giving her breakfast, lunch, and dinner while we eat and thought fruit is just more appropriate for breakfast than a vegetable.  (Yeah, I'm pretty good at justifying my rebellion!).  But aside from making her slightly constipated apples have gone GREAT!  In fact, she is actually sleeping much better this week than she has in the past few months.  All week she has slept in her bed all night - only waking once or twice due to a lost binky. 

So we are officially calling apples a pass which means we are now topping the charts with a record SIX safe foods!  They are:  avocado, zucchini, beets, white potato, butternut squash, and apples.  Next on the horizon we plan on trialing broccoli.  Little miss Cutie Pie is in an independent streak and would much rather feed herself so we thought broccoli would be a good one for her to self feed.  We eat a lot of broccoli in our house (it is big brother's favorite veggie) so we know she is okay with it through my milk.  Plus it's another high fiber food in case we run into more constipation as we introduce fruits.  From our previous attempts at starting solids it was pears and prunes that caused horrible tummy issues - foods not normally associated with constipation.  Our allergist wasn't convinced it was related to FPIES, but I'm not convinced it wasn't.  Who knows. 

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