Monday, April 9, 2012

Yikes, Squash!

Beets were a pass I think.  Maybe if I could convince little Miss Cutie Pie to actually eat them I might be able to have a better grasp on the reality of them actually being a pass, but whatever.  I guess it doesn't really matter if they are a pass if she won't actually eat more than a bite or two of them.  It's not like I have to look for beets hidden into foods, but if we do come across that I guess we will still be safe. 

So we decided to move on.  I figured that since zucchini was a big hit and a successful pass that possibly regular butternut squash would be good too!  So today I baked up a huge squash, pureed some, cubed up some, and gave Cutie Pie a tiny spoon full.  She wasn't thrilled.  Lately she isn't thrilled about ANYTHING on a spoon.  Little Miss Independent would rather feed herself.  However, she did eat her spoon full of squash in between bites of CheeCha puffs (God's gift to FPIES!).  She did fine with them at first, but about an hour and a half later she got those bright red slapped cheeks just like when I eat peas.  It was her only symptom.  She was acting fine, happy, pooped normally this afternoon, ate fine the rest of the night but those cheeks make me nervous!  I've been really slack about keeping up with my own food journal because things have been going so smoothly lately.  I haven't really felt the need to journal since we are at such a good spot with my diet and cutting out things that seem to cause a problem.  (However, this weekend I did eat some pea pods and Cutie Pie was showing off those slapped red cheeks on Saturday!!), but maybe I need to start again just to make sure it is actually the squash and not something I am eating. 

We will keep going, because some slapped cheeks aren't enough to make me stop trialing but I think we will make sure we are home for several hours after her eating her daily share of squash.  Reactions are scary enough - I cannot imagine what I would do if it happened while we were out and about running errands or playing!! 

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