Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yay for Potatoes!

For the past week we have been trialing potatoes.  From what I've heard from other FPIES mommies, they are an easy pass for most and opens up a whole new world of food choices.  Luckily, they were a pass for us too!!  Cutie Pie isn't too thrilled about the texture, but if I thin them enough or mix them with her zucchini (also officially a pass!) she chows down on them!  I am so excited - this means we can now try stuff with potato flour, or try Checha puffs (cracker things made from potato), potato pancakes, the list goes on and on!  I am so thrilled! 

This week we are going to try beets.  I have never in my life eaten or cooked a beet, but why not.  They are supposedly packed with fiber and calcium and are a pretty red color.  How many times have I heard you need to eat a rainbow of food to cover your nutrients?  Probably a million.  So a new color for Cutie Pie it is! Here is to hoping that she likes it and it is a pass too.  We are on a roll right now! 

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