Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Am No Chef...

I am a good cook.  I enjoy cooking meals for my family, and frankly I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it.  People always seem excited to see what I bring to pot luck dinners.  My friends compliment my food all the time.  But apparently, I am completely inept at making pancakes! 

We are trying to introduce quinoa this week with Cutie Pie.  It has super high levels of iron (twice that of spinach!) and is also a complete protein - two things her diet is seriously lacking.  It is also pretty versatile and can be ground into a flour to make things like pancakes and muffins.  I had such high hopes.  During my first attempt I thought it would be easier to just cook it on the waffle maker.  Bad idea.  It completely stuck to both sides and I had to scrape it off in little bits with a fork.  So the second attempt I thought I'd just make regular pancakes.  They stuck to the pan and burnt (insert convincing statements to hubby as to why we need an electric griddle).  Then hubby decided to try his hand at pancake making - burned his batch too.  At least *I* didn't fill the kitchen with smoke.  ;)  So finally I thought if I maybe thickened up the batter a little and put it in the toaster oven I could maybe bake it like a cookie.  I lined the little cookie sheet with aluminum foil made a little cookie-sized drop of batter, turned the toaster oven on to about 350 and sat and watched it.  After maybe 5ish minutes it started to look set, so I pulled it out and let it cool and managed to pull it off the aluminum foil in edible pieces!  It sure didn't look all that pretty, and not really sure how it smelled because the kitchen still smells like burnt pancakes, but it worked I guess.  Cutie Pie even ate a few pieces! 

So I'm thinking I need a new recipe or I need to alter the one I've got.  Anyone got a good quinoa muffin/pancake/cookie recipe they can share with me? 

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