Saturday, March 10, 2012


WE HAVE A SAFE FOOD!  Or at least, at this point we are pretty sure we have a safe food.  Yay for avocados!  It has been a whole week since we first introduced them to Cutie Pie and as of now we are considering them a tentative pass.  She has been happy, pooping normally, no eczema, no increase in reflux, nothing out of the ordinary.  It feels so good to have something that she can eat.  I've been cutting long skinny slices for her to play with and practice eating on her own while the rest of us eat dinner and it has been so funny to watch her smoosh that miracle food into green gooey mess.  Today by the time we were done eating she smelled like a bowl of guacamole.  She had it caked in her ears and in her hair and all over the place.  She does a pretty good job of getting at least some of it in her mouth as well.  I think she really enjoys feeding herself too.  She's going to be a control freak like her momma.  :)  

In other big news, Cutie Pie is CRAWLING!  FPIES sure isn't going to hold her down!  She mastered the backward crawl last week and then just last night took her first attempt at forward crawling.  After practicing here and there all day she finally has it almost down pat.  She crawled halfway across the living room rug tonight trying to get daddy's cell phone.  Then she proceeded to crawl the other way and steal mommy's newspaper ads.  I did a bit of baby proofing the house this morning, but it is become apparent that she is going to need a lot more careful planning than her big brother did.  Big Brother was so easy as a baby and rarely got into things he wasn't supposed to - Cutie Pie is just flat out trouble all around I guess!

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