Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello, Avocado!

We started trialing foods again.  Just like the allergist suggested we are pretending like we are starting from square one as if she has never had anything other than breastmilk.  He wanted us to start her on green veggies first because they are least likely to make her constipated, but we opted for avocado instead.  I like how it is full of good fats and oils and can also be a finger food for her.  I also thought it might be a little more filling and give her more of a nutritional boost than other green veggies.  I mean really, who gets full on peas or green beans?  Plus, she had avocado in one of the other attempts at solid foods and did well with them, so I thought it would be at least safe from a major reaction and so far so good!  It's been three days of eating mushed up green buttery tasting goodness.  Cutie Pie isn't too sure about them, but she has been accepting an increasing amount each day.  Day one was just a single bite, but today she had about 5 small bites.  We've also been giving her some small cut-up pieces while she sits in her highchair during dinner.  I'm not sure if any of them actually made it in her mouth, but she LOVES squishing them up in her fingers and spreading them all over.  It is so refreshing to watch her act like a normal almost 8 month old with her food!  Makes me happy to clean off a messy food-covered baby!  :)

The verdict is still out on the effectiveness of the Chiropractor.  We've had several sessions with him now, and I don't think it's making it any worse but I'm not sure she feels any better.  She is so far passing her new food trial - coincidence?  Who can tell.  She is still sleeping HORRIBLY at night though.  What happened to that wonderful sleeper I had?!?!  I think she is waking up hungry though.  Last night I just gave in and warmed her up a bottle, changed her diaper, and got her up to eat.  Wouldn't you know - after her milk she went back to sleep and slept a solid 4 hours.  The last few weeks she has been up almost every hour.  I'm not really shocked though. Cutie Pie is almost 19 pounds now and is starting to crawl.  It takes a lot of calories to keep up that kind of growing/moving!  Plus, she is like her momma.  No way an all liquid diet would ever be satisfying for me! 

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